Neon Highlight

Hey guys!!

I hope you're all having a great week! :) In a way my week has been nice. But school  is so stressful, I just have so much to do and next week my exam week begins..I just try to imagine the nice first days after exam week..

On monday I wore my new sweater from nasty gal(part of my last package). 
I just absolutely love neons and this sweater is so amazing and bright! I think it's perfect for spring!! On my feet you can also see some pretty cute shoes, I bought these already before christmas from the sales and I just had to wear them even though it's freezing outside. It basically varies from -20C to -10C.....

But still I think that this outfit was ideal for the cold weather; a warm sweater, my lovely leather like motopants(also a christmas present, I've been wearing these nonstop! :D) and actually the shoes were good too since they have the thick flatform, so you're not in touch with the cold land.

And special thanks to my friend Elli who was so lovely and took these pictures!! :) 

Sweater: Nasty gal, motopants: Zara, Rings: H&M, ginatricot and nastygal, shoes: H&M 

Kisses, Meri


Tropical palms


Hi guys!! 

Yesterday I got my order from nasty gal and suprise suprise, I had to wear my new stuff right away!  Actually I got the jean jacket already on christmas and my mom ordered these jeans during christmas holidays, so basically this suit was a christmas gift! 
And I'm in loove!! My nasty gal obsession just keeps growing..
On my feet you can see some new studded goddess heels, my main christmas present, Jeffrey Campbell black&silver 'shadow's, these shoes are THE BOMB, serious killer shoes, I mean you can really do some damage with these bad boys! 

I can't waiit for spring time, when I actually get to wear all the nice stuff(my shoes)!!
I hope you enjoy the pictures! :)

 Knit: H&M, All Denim: Nasty gal by nasty gal, shoes: JC shadows(from nasty gal)

Kisses, Meri


Dark velvet & cotton vandy

Necklace: Acessorize, Maxi skirt: second hand, watch: Michael Kors, Rings: Lindex&gift&random

Hi guys!! 
Finally I'm posting outfit pictures with my new hair! And I seriously can't get enough of it. I swear someday I'll just go crazy and dye my whole hair like a pastel turqoise blue..someday I will!
But yeah this is how my outfit looked on monday! :)
 I actually made couple intakes to some second hand stuff I got like ages ago and this midnight blue velvet maxi skirt is the first one on my blog! I just love maxi skirts..

I hope you guys enjoy! :)

And  this is me with my outer wear :DD hahah  

Kisses, Meri


Come alive

Hi guys!! So I think it's finally time to bring this blog back to life! I had a really hard week at school and didn't have any time really for anything else besides school, dancing and on Friday I went to a hairdresser! What do you think about my new hair?  I'm lovin' it! :D

This weekend was also a lot of fun because I went to an IB meeting. So basically there were some people from other Finnish IB schools and as I said it was a looot of fun and also preparing for the real IB as I'm now on my Pre-IB year! :)

What would you btw think about me doing more posts just telling about my day or life or whatever, cause I feel because of school I don't always have enogh time to take my big camera with me and edit and finally post the pictures..so I thought it might be nice for you if I sometimes post something easy like these pictures ..I know the quality sucks..but still?

Kisses, Meri