Polka dots & quilted leather

Hi guuys!!
Somehow I always end up telling everything here on my blog with a bit of a delay..last night I came from London where I spent last week!!!! I had plenty of fun with my classmates and I'll be posting tons of pictures soon! ;) 

Btw..I had tried to pre schedule couple posts but well as you can see that didn't work out too well...

Anyway here're some outfit pictures taken a while back..I still had some pink in my hair! Sometimes I go for a simpler outfit but like so many times I've told, I really like to mix different materials and patterns to make the outfit more interesting! It's all in the details let me tell ya!!
My mom and dad spoiled me a bit and got this shirt for me, by the brand Sand..I had always dreamed of having one of their printed shirts and now I have one! It's amazing and oh so timeless! :)

IMG_2022edited-it is all in the details
Shirt: Sand, Necklace: Accessorize, leather like jeans: Zara, jacket: sheinside.com, bag: H&M, gloves: H&M

Kisses, Meri


Wedding bells

Hi guuys!!
 Last Friday we had my uncles wedding and I got a chance to dress all fancy! The wedding was absolutely lovely and I had a great time!! :)
It's always so hard to find a dress for a wedding, since you don't wanna wear white or black and you want to look sophisticated not tacky. This dress I actually found from Zara, I'd say more than a month ago and I fell in love instantly, it fits perfectly and I just love everything about it, perfection to every last detail...

I hope you enjoy these pics and let me know what you all think of my wedding look! :)

Me and mom ready to go! :)

Dress: Zara, Heels: Guess

Kisses, Meri


Wild tartan

Hi guys!! 
Last Tuesday a group of people from my school headed to Helsinki,  the capital city of Finland to see a theater! :) I have to say that the play was really nice! Before it we had couple hours to spend in Helsinki and my friend was kind  enough to snap couple pictures of my outer wear! I'm absolutely loving this tartan scarf! :)

Jacket: sheinside.com, booties: Zara, Sunnies: Zara, Clutch: USA(Texas)
 Couple friends being all silly :D You make me smile :)
Kisses, Meri


Neon beanie


Heey guyys!! 
I know it's been a long while..what can I say.. mainly school has kept me busy but a ton of other stuff too! 
A new period just started at school and I hope this one isn't as stressful as the last one was!

Anyways I have a ton of pics to show you, but I thought I'll start of with these! :)
Today I saw my bff after the longest time ever (only for a short while though) but well she took these photos..me acting all silly and my friend being artistic!

 When I'm really tired and in a hurry, sometimes I do go for a plain shirt and a pair black jeans, but to make the outfit pop a bit I added these neon accessories! :) 


PicMonkey Collagepink-neon-edit
And I do admit..sometimes when I'm in a real hurry, I do wear the same outfit twice..oh and  I just recently got rid of my dip-dye..

Kisses, Meri