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IMG_1638camera-clickHi guys!!
Finally I got some pictures out of my camera, the computer, which I use to storage and edit my pictures is such pain to use...But I've had a nice holiday so far, friends, skiing, good foood, sleeping, relaxing, watching movies and such! :)
I also got my orders from nastygal and SheInside  just a while ago! From nastygal I first got this amazing rose garden suit and then couple days later these oh so rad,  back off jean shorts by UNIF. From SheInside I had ordered this jacket already sooo long ago and finally it arrived! 
And my dad bought a  new camera lens so I was super excited to try it out!!
(All of these pictures are taken with the new lens)

Kisses, Meri

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  1. Meri! Great pics!
    Love your camera, and of course love your floral print suit, is gorgeous! :)