The Fur bag

Earlier this week I was shopping at the sales and
I found this gorgeous fur bag from ginatricot!
There had been a fur bag in my mind the whole past fall and winter, but I never found a good one, so I was really suprised to see this one just for about 15€, what a deal, right!
 I really love this!<3
I also bought a lip pencil and a lipstick, both from MAC. I wanted to have a color in dark wine and these are just perfect.The Lip pencil is in color Burgundy and the lipstick is in color Hang-up.
This is what I came up with..Accessorize feather headband, H&M blazer, ginatricot glitter shorts,fur bag and ring, Zara heels, blouse is my mum's old. 

I actually wore this oufit to theater, so that's why it's a bit more dressy and elegant.
You may notice the detail on my tights, I really like it!

A close up to the peep-toe heels I wore. I love the snake pattern.

Did you like my oufit, leave a comment!(:


The Beginning is the hardest

Now I am officially doing it, starting my first blog! And I am REALLY excited about it!
In this blog I'll write about the things I love..and I guess you're also going to get to know me better while reading this blog!

I am wearing: H&M t-shirt,blazer,shorts and belt
Vagabond boots, bag vintage borrowed from my best friend and the another pair of shoes are also my friends and those are from Zara, ginatricot tights

   ginatricot ring

Let me know what you guys thought! :)