Love for neon


Hi guys!!
Last few days it's been really warm here! Almost even hot!
I've been taking a lot of sun, reading The Hunger Games(third book), swimming and I had a week of working experience(a school thing)..
So I was in a sport place, where they do a lot of physical examination..
I got to go canoeing, do gymnastics exercises in the pool and I also did a lot of relaxing practises with one group. Last week I also met a lot of my friends on my free time, which was really nice! :)

Today I'm wearing a really summery oufit. Lots of neon, as you can see!
This was quite an easy oufit, well I kinda think that during the summer oufits are always more relaxed and easy to move with. Something you can throw on fast! And color, everyone loves to use more color during the summer!

Top: Primark
Shorts: Miss Selfridge
Bandeau: New look
Sandals: Primark
Earrings: Cubus
Ring: ginatricot

Kisses, xoxo Meri


Liebster blog

Hi guys!!
Today I have something different to show you..I've won a Liebster blog award!
And I actually won it two times! From great blogs: le seasonnier and el vuelo de la falda.

Liebster Blog award is a prize given to blogs with less than 200 followers, and each blog awarded has to choose five  other blogs that they think deserve it and so spread those small blogs to the world!!
It is a small symbolic recognition that gives breath and energy to keep going to those just starting blogging. The prize is given by other bloggers already awarded.


-Post the picture of the award

-Mention the blog that gave it to you with a link to her blog

-Nominate five other blogs with not more than 200 followers

My 5 nominees are:
maija in wonderland
l'armoire d'aurore
el vuelo de la falda
vanilla ice
like toy soldier

I hope you guys like these blogs too! :)
Kisses, xoxo Meri


Brighton part 2

P5097122engl5 Hi guys!!
Today I finally show you more pics from my classtrip to England!
I got some pics from my friends on my class, so I haven't taken all of these myself!
 Anyway I hope you enjoy!

Englanti 2012 070edited
Yeah the girls in Primark for the first time ever. LOL!
Englanti 2012 096edited
Englanti 2012 104edited P5046733engl25 P5056799engl19
Our little "photoshoot"
IMG_3142england P5046618engl34
You gotta love these girls!
P5046622engl32 P5046628engl31
IMG_2946edited IMG_2904edited IMG_2940edited 
Englanti 2012 097edited
 IMG_2967edited IMG_2968edited
IMG_2980edited IMG_3073edited IMG_2997edited IMG_3059edited IMG_3104edited IMG_3098edited
The best restaurant ever in Brighton: Day's, you don't wanna miss it!!!
Kisses, xoxo Meri


Feeling so high

Hi guys!!
I hope you had an awesome weekend!
I definately had great time; my best friend was at my place and we had a little sleep over. We watched twilight- movies, went shopping, made some braids, went to take some photos and just enjoyed seeing each other! :)

Pretty much everything I'm wearing is new, from my classtrip to England. I just love it all so much!
A bit of badass style I think! Hahah!
I hope you guys like it too!
IMG_0681edited5 IMG_0682edited7
IMG_0710edited3 IMG_0727jm2
Blouse: Primark,
Bandeau/bra: ginatricot
Shorts(and belt): Primark,
Tights: Primark
Ring and hand cuff JC
 Jeffrey Campbell Lita's in pewter glitter

Kisses, xoxo Meri