Feeling high

Hi guys! Today I show you my oufit, which I wore today! :DD
Right now I'm really happy because a packake I've been waiting for finally arrived! My dream shoes!!!<3 I can't wait to show these babies for you guys, but you unfortunately you must wait for tomorrow, cause I gotta go sleeping!

Shirt: H&M (I wore the same one in my previous post, but this time I styled it a lot differently! ;))
Faux leather shorts: Lindex
Boots: Seppälä (my ''wellies'' :D)
Bracelet: BIK BOK

With kisses, xoxo Meri


Hard feathers

Hi guys! Today I show you my oufit and some really amazing jewelry, that my friend bring me as souvenir-gift from Sweden, where she was on her holiday!
Thank you so much, my dear friend Iida! I'm in lovee with the jewelry you got for me!! So thank you, thank you and thank you! :DD

 The feather bracelet she got for me. :)) It's from BIK BOK
 I got also this ring!! from BIK BOK too! :)  I wore the new stuff right away! ;DD

Shirt: H&M
Blazer: My moms old
Jeans: Only
Shoes: Seppälä (These are my ''wellies'', I finally had a chance to wear them for the first time, though I bought these a while ago from the sales..)
Bracelet and another ring: BIK BOK
antoher ring: ginatricot
Cross ear cuff: Glitter

Lots of love to you guys!! xoxo Meri


Smells like spring

Hi guys! Today my holiday ended and I went normally to school. (not) Today I actually went to explore the school, which I'm trying to get in. It was a different school day, a nice one! ;)
Here are some pics I took of my oufit, which was way too simple and boring..well it was quite simple indeed, but I really like this blue nailpolish, it matches with my tights! ;))

Have a nice week! xoxo Meri
ps. The sun is starting to shine brighter and warmer!! I love the fact that spring is coming!


Snow Castle 2012

Yesterday while driving back home we paused into this city called Kemi (In Finland of course! :D) because we went to see this Snow Castle, which is made there every year!(And each year it's styled differently!) So it's truly made of snow and ice, nothing else! It was pretty amazing..
And actually it's not just attraction, it's also a hotel! There are rooms inside the castle, in which you can stay! There are these beds with fur and you also get an sleeping bag for the night! Temperature in the rooms is through the whole winter -5C. Sounds pretty crazy, but one day I wanna sleep there! Haha I guess I'm crazy!

This was my breakfast today...mmm..it was yummy! Today I had a nice chill day, me and my mom went to my grandmas house, so that I could do a bit of this schools hand crafts project. On the evening we watched at home this great movie; Easy A!

Lots of kisses, xoxo Meri


I've spent my holiday sorry not blogging, but learning how to use snowboard!! So basically on last sunday we drove to Lapland and it took seriously like 15hours! On monday and tuesday I went cross-country skiing and on the evenings to this 'school' on how to learn to use snowboard..and then I was basically three days in a row snowboarding! It was so much fun!!! And now we're driving back to home..

This time I show you guys some pics of the beautiful nature from our holiday! (My dad took these pics! :D)

Lots of kisses, xoxo Meri


I'm gonna get ya', get ya', get ya', one way or another

Hi guys! I've spent my saturday cleaning at home, hanging at my friends house and now finally packing! Early tomorrow/ or exactly today :sss, I'm going to Lapland (into northern Finland) we're going there cause it's holiday and also to clean my dead grandpas home so it'll be finally ready to sell. I'm though exited to go, skiing and maybe to do slalom skiing AND hopefully I'll learn how to do SNOW BOARDING!! I hope I'll have time to blog there too and most of all I'm not sure if I have any oufit posts coming up, because I will probably wear like hoodies all the time there! Cause all I'm going to do is sports and relaxing!
And sorry for the ''bad'' quality in these pictures of my oufit on friday&saturday; I kinda have broken my camera so I had to use this old one..

I seriously ''shop my moms closet''!! Though I love this cardigan, so pretty and warm!!
Quite relaxed look, but the hat put's it a couple of notch up! I'm in love with this hat, it's a saviour for a bad hair day! -Bohemian chick! What do you think? :))

Cardigan: my moms
T-shirt: H&M
Leggins: Lindex
Hat: KappAhl
Bag: KappAhl
Ring: ginatricot
Boots: O.I.S

Have a great weekend and holiday! (If you're having holiday?)
xoxo Meri


Alone with you

Hi guys!! It's 'finally' friday and my one week long holiday starts! yey!! I have very litlle time before I leave to catch my bus for dance practise, so here's some photos I took yesterday of my oufit!! I think I'm slowly learning how to use a selftimer! :) Have a nice weekend you all!

 I love these colours; red and gold +some nice prints!

Blazer/ jumper: ginatricot
Mickey sweater: Disneyland Paris :D
Knitted skirt: ginatricot
Leggins: H&M

xoxo Meri