The Fur bag

Earlier this week I was shopping at the sales and
I found this gorgeous fur bag from ginatricot!
There had been a fur bag in my mind the whole past fall and winter, but I never found a good one, so I was really suprised to see this one just for about 15€, what a deal, right!
 I really love this!<3
I also bought a lip pencil and a lipstick, both from MAC. I wanted to have a color in dark wine and these are just perfect.The Lip pencil is in color Burgundy and the lipstick is in color Hang-up.
This is what I came up with..Accessorize feather headband, H&M blazer, ginatricot glitter shorts,fur bag and ring, Zara heels, blouse is my mum's old. 

I actually wore this oufit to theater, so that's why it's a bit more dressy and elegant.
You may notice the detail on my tights, I really like it!

A close up to the peep-toe heels I wore. I love the snake pattern.

Did you like my oufit, leave a comment!(:


  1. En osaa päättä millä kielellä kommentoin :---D! No kuitenkin :--D, ihanat vaatteet, tuun pöllii noi korkokengät <3

  2. bella: haha :D ja kiitos!
    Michelle: Thanks!