Covered with jewellery

I'm finally writing again! Yesterday my internet didn't work so I couldn't post, even though I really wanted to. My dad actually spent the whole evening and night trying to get my internet working! So I thought I should let you know that I try to post every day or at least very often!..

So here's the oufit I wore on the new year's eve! Seppälä blazer, H&M t-shirt and necklace, ginatricot glitter shorts and earrings, Zara heels.

I wanted to wear something sparkly, shimmery and shiny for the new year's eve..So of course I had to wear my glitter shorts again..the huge necklace was also a must! And the earrings I wore, those just scream of new year! They remind me of all the fireworks and sparkle!

I  played a bit with sparklers! :D       
Because my family lives near Turku,(which is a big city in Finland)we went there to see a huge firework, which the city had arranged! It was really BIG because Turku was the cultur capital of Europe, the whole past year, if you guys didn't already know! :D
WOW I've written a lot, but yeah I spent the new year's eve with my family and some relatives, had a nice time, how about you? Let me also know what did you guys though about the oufit I wore!


  1. Anonymous2/1/12 11:19

    You're really gorgeous ! And the necklace is nice ;)

  2. Thank you so much!:))

  3. Oh my god I want your clothes D----:! You're so pretty! Love ya <3

  4. bella you're so kind, way too kind! Love ya too!(: