London day 2 - British museum& Oxford street& Hyde Park

IMG_1232Paddington station-our every day station
Hi guuys!!!
Second day of our London trip! Me and two of my cool gals(lol) started the day walking around Oxford street, or by taking the underground there first, had some starbucks, visited this super cool shop my friend insisted that we visit and then it was time for British museum, which is just such a magnificent building!! In the evening we went to walk a bit around the Hyde Park, which is just so beautiful!
Ps. Sainsbury's have the best freshly baked cookies ever...!
IMG_1236paddington station
IMG_1240shopping paradise
IMG_1237I sense no power down here
IMG_1242beautiful girl- Paula
IMG_1253oxford street-
IMG_1263some starbucks
IMG_1251Oxford street red doubledeckss
IMG_1255mmm starbucks
IMG_1278Paula drop dead
IMG_1265we're the cool kids
IMG_1280happy girll - shopping
IMG_1285underground stairs so crazeeyeh
IMG_1293oh well thank you
IMG_1297British museum such a magnificent building
IMG_1303tired British museum visiters
IMG_1306touristéé Aline
IMG_1309two lovely gals and some starbuckss
IMG_1312cheeky view
IMG_1315gotta love some blueberries&mango
IMG_1317coookie monster
IMG_1348Hyde park2
IMG_1346Hyde park park
IMG_1355Paula swinginnn
IMG_1352Hyde park

Kisses, Meri