London day 3 - Amazing Race

Hi guys!
So on our third day in London we left the hotel and headed to visit London School of Economics, which is one of the worlds most highly valued colleges. The school was really really nice and fine and it was really inspiring to visit a school like this even though my main interest isn't economics or politics.
 After that we continued to Borough Market where we ate some delicious lunch and I even bought some delicious fudge!
And after that the rest of the day was basically running and really using the underground! We had our own take to Amazing race, and we had various tasks/questions of famous sights and it really was competitive but still fun! We tried to be as fast as possible so I have no photos of us running around in London, but we really got to spot many sights during the competition!
IMG_1402black n white
IMG_1403hotel flowers lovely
IMG_1404London city view
IMG_1408my classmates
IMG_1409 unique weirdness
IMG_1406ahahaha this girl knows how to pose
IMG_1415friends posing at LSE
IMG_1417london school of economics  amaaazing view
IMG_1418Jack and some trees in a park view
IMG_1421borough market
IMG_1423yummy italian margarita
IMG_1424Iina & Elina
IMG_1426delicious fudge

Kisses, Meri


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