A hint of green and a lacey collar

Heyy! :) Today I show you all my lovely readers some pictures of my oufit this wednesday! I was actually sick already on wednesday. I had a bit of feber and stuff like that, but I wanted to go into school, cause we had a big healt exam, so I didn't want to miss that !! We didn't either have a really long school day, so I thought I'll make it!
So If I look sick, it's because I was sick! :DD I spent thursday actually sick at home recovering..

Headband: Accessorize
Rings: BIK BOK and ginatricot
Shirt: My moms old, with a bit of DIY
Cardigan: H&M
Shorts(and belt): ginatricot
Tights: ginatricot
Boots: Vagabond

Kisses, xoxo Meri

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