Floral tights again

Hi guys!! Today I'm posting some pics from MONDAY, yep I've had lots of stuff in my mind lately so I haven't been posting a lot. Sorry for that guys! :(

At the moment I shouldn't really have anything, expect school and blog and friends of course. That's because I have excersice prohibition basically for the whole spring. And it SUCKS like big time.
I've had it only for 2weeks now and I've already cried over it..silly, well not for me anyway. I live or shoud I say lived, through exersice and now I even get(have to take) a taxi for school. I used to do pretty much hours of excersice everyday and now I get to do non! It gets me all mixed up!!

And the problem behind this is only going worse. I feel like my knee hurts everyday just more and more.
I already told you guys a bit of my knee thing, to read it; click here.
I did go to the magnetic resonance imaging like over a month ago and couple weeks after that I got to choose from the ecxersice prohibition and surgery. I decided with my family to give a try for the relax. Right now I feel a bit scared cause, I don't see that the pain has helped at all, it just gets worse..
Sorry for the big blah blah.

So now finally the pics;

Lovin' these <3
Blouse: Zara
Bra(underneath): ginatricot
Shorts(and belt): ginatricot
Tights: ginatricot
Earrings: Glitter

Oh, btw I ate this delicious pizza on monday and wanted to share it for you guys! :D
 My favourite pizza fillings are definately: goat cheese, mozzarella, pineapple, paprika and rucola salad. These pine nuts and basilica are great too! :)
What are your favourite pizza fillings? :DD
Kisses, xoxo Meri


  1. you look beautiful! Love the floral tights, are amazing! :P