Live fast, die young, dress fierce

Heyy! :) Today I show you guys the oufit I wore on monday!
I'm totally loving these leopard patterned tights right now! These are so fierce, right! When I wore these I got like so many eyes on me..and then I also just love baggy jean shorts. I wish it could be summer already, so that I could just wear shorts and tops and all the sheer materials!
Anybody else having the same feeling? :)

Top: JC
Cardigan: H&M
Shorts(and belt): ginatricot
Tights: ginatricot
Ring: ginatricot
Bracelet: Thailand
Boots: Vagabond

Here's a song that gave me some edgy inspiration for this oufit, the words are quite dirty, but anyways I like it! :D -MIA bad girls

A bit windy outside, huh? :D

Kisses, xoxo Meri


  1. häh etkö jäätyny hengiltä :D mut kiva asu(:

    1. hehe kyll mä vähän jäädyin :DD ja kiitti tosi paljon! :))