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Hi guys! I'm finally back with an oufit post! Though the pictures are kinda bad because I was actually yesterday still very ill, and I didn't go to school; but  my mom had booked a doctor for me, so of course I had to dress up..FAST
 (we took the pictures after the doctor on the evening, so there wasn't much light)

I didn't actually go to doctor because the influenza, I went because of my left knee, which has been painful for three months now! (And actually since three years ago..)
So we went to this special doctor. (Probably to the best in Finland..XDD)
And yeah, now we found out that I have convolution syndrome on my left knee, sounds bad but it's kinda this birth thing 30% of peole have, but because I have always trained so much, it has gone bad. So on wednesday I'm going to magnetic resonance imaging to find out what to do next. Probably to get certain that it must get operated.


This oufit was quite casual, but I still liked it! How about you guys?  :) 

Shirt: ginatricot (elbow patches DIY)
Shorts: H&M
Belt: friis&company
Bag: KappAhl
Beanie: JC
Over knee boots: O.I.S

Have a great week and stay healthy! :)
xoxo Meri

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