Busy but love the life

So yeah I'm alive! The school started on monday and since then I've been busy cause also my dance practices started. I have those on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and on friday! Tuesday is the busiest day. It goes like; wake up, school, eat, dance paractice, do homework, sleep and there's no free time at all, really! This week was a bit chaotic and I didn't blog enought att all, and I'm sorry about it. Hoping you guys still keep reading this blog and I promise to blog more often.. I hate to write like all the time; "sorry I haven't been blogging" and so on, but this week was the first week after holidays, at school, so it was a bit hard to schechule thigs, but next week it goes a lot better, I'm sure. I though must keep focused in school even though I write this blog. Because it's the final year in the primary school, so I gotta get good points for high school. I know some weeks I just don't have a lot time to blog! But I really try my best, but you know girl needs her beaty sleep! ;)

Oh and these pictures are from last Friday! I went to my best friend for a sleepover, we had so much fun! We went to movies, to see the "New Year's Eve", and it was really nice and then we put face masks and had a nice girl to girl talk kinda! :) I just love my bestie!

I wore; H&M t-shirt, Zara shorts, BIANCO over knee socks, the blazer is my mom's old :D!
Have a great weekend! Lots of kisses to my dear readers!
xoxo Meri


  1. I really love your bag ! xoxo

  2. me encanta tu bolso, chulĂ­simo!!!!


  3. Thank you Clara!
    and Oh muchas gracias!!