This girl, that boy

Hi ya all! :) This post is gonna be quite short, just wanted to post the oufit I wore yesterday!
Knit: DIY
Shorts (and belt): ginatricot
Tights: ginatricot

a close-up to my earrings, I really like how these look like wood, but actually are not!
Earrings: pieces (I think..)

So yesterday, after school I went into library to find some patterns, if you say it in that way! :D And to find also some inspiration, even thought I actually have an idea, what I want to do!(It's school's handcraft project and we're gonna do a whole oufit, I'll keep you posted! ;))
These burda magazines we're just great, much better than the finnish handcraft magazines!

Yesterday I also bought something special, that I'm excatly wearing today..I'll post it tomorrow! All I can say is that, I JUST LOOVE IT!

Lots of kisses, xoxo Meri


  1. oi vähä tost villapaidast tuli ihana !

  2. Kiitti Maija, mäki oon tyytyväine siihe! :))