Weekend's post

Here's the only oufit I got any pictures from earlier this week...
Thursday's oufit; ginatricot tube scarf, lace shirt and belt, H&M leggins

Haha, I know this is sooo simple oufit and kinda boring. But we had dancing with partners, you know this classic dancing with boys, at school, so I wanted to wear something super easy to move with and comfortable.

I love this ear cuff I wore, I got it from my friend as christmas present!

And here's the oufit I'm wearing today!
KappAhl leggins (I bought these just a while ago from the sales, for only 10€!!) Vagabond shoes, ginatricot lace shirt, bag and wing ring.

Vila jacket

Today I went shopping with my mom, and had such a blast! :D My mom's so funny, I just love her! I found many really cheap things from the sales AGAIN. You're gonna see more picture's of the stuff I bought later on so yeah.

I want to know if you guys would like me to do a post for example of my favourite beauty products, favourite clothes or maybe about the hair products I use? Any ideas? Let me know!
Until tomorrow, I guess with lots of kisses!
xoxo Meri 


  1. Anonymous16/1/12 04:26

    you're too cute (:

  2. haha thanks, you're too sweet! :DD