Take it easy

I've been just relaxing and hanging with my friends lately! I wanted to wear something comfy and easy..! I had now a great chance to wear my new chunky knit, I loove it! It's so warm, easy and pretty.

Lindex knit, patent leather  leggins and the ring on the left, ginatricot t-shirt and the ring on the right, Nike sneakers.

The Black Keys-Howlin' For You

I wanted to share some music with you guys! I actually came across this band when I watched a movie called; Limitless (btw it's one of my favourite movies, I love it!), so this song was playing on the background at one point and I just fell in love!..My dad actually liked the song so much, that he ended up buying the bands album Brothers. We got the album just a while ago and I'm obsessed!

The Black Keys- She's Long Gone

The Black Keys-Everlasting Light

So I hope you guys like The Black Keys as much as I do. Let me know what you thought!

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