It makes me wanna lala

Hi guys, this is the oufit I wore on wednesday!
For past two days, I really have'nt had anything really special..just school, lots of homework and dance practises!

Hmm..Oh yes, I also just found out that we have at school this dancing thing on 15.2 and I have just nothing to wear..It's only for the ninth graders and we dance all the classic dances we have been practising already on couple of gym lessons.
(This is a great reason to do some online shopping, isn't it? And to buy a pair of heels I've been drooling for! Well we'll see about that..)

Blouse: I've made it myself
Vest: Gerry Weber
Shorts (and belt): ginatricot
Ring: Accesorize

ps. I will post something fun this weekend, something different than these oufit posts! ;))

Have a lovely weekend! 
xoxo Meri

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