Rule the world

Yesterday I had a really fun day! We celebrated my cousins 16th birthday and played ZUMBA! (: In the evening my another cousin and I went to my grandmas house, which is really near my cousins house and we took many many pictures... 
 The pictures are kinda artistic (we used this art thing in my camera), I'm really happy with these!! ((:

I wore: H&M cardigan, ginatricot key ring, tights, shirt, shorts (and belt) the braclet is from Thailand.

We spent the day with just closest relatives so I didn't wear anything really dressy, even though it was a birthday party.

 I just love this wall in my grandmas and grandpas house! aah It's so nice!

Any posting ideas, would you guys like me to do some kind of a beauty post?
Have a great week!
xoxo Meri


  1. Sul on tosi kiva blogi! (: paljon kuvii ja hyvi kirjotatki (: jään seurailee