I said you wanna be startin' somethin'

Yesterday I had such a fun day! My school started 9.55 so really late and I didn't have any actual lessons either.

We went to Next Step trade show with school. There were many stands about education and stuff.  You got free candies,pencils,gum,reflectors etc. you know all not so important stuff. (though the candy was nice) 
There were also all these competions to win movie tickets and stuff, so I entered into so damn many, that I just have to win..! :D
After the trade show I went to my friends house. She did this nail art! I love it so much, I'm really bad myself with nails, but she rocks! Well she knows actually pretty much everything about beauty, make-up and of course of nails.
And now I have already ruined these nails..
We watched also Glee live, which is like a consert movie with glee cast. I'm not a big glee fan at all, but my friend is like the BIGGEST so I guess I'm slowly turning myself a bit gleek too! :D

This is what I wore yesterday, on thursday. :) I really like what I came up with! The oufit was a bit bohemian, and relaxed but also sophisticated. This was definately ME. Oh and sorry for not having any pictures of me actually wearing the oufits, I just don't have anyone to take pictures all the time..
 Or do you guys like it better, if I only show the oufits?
Let me know!

Blazer: H&M
Shirt: Ewi (It's made in Finland and it's actually made of floss!)
Shorts (and belt): ginatricot
Ring: ginatricot

You got to be startin' somethin'
xoxo Meri


  1. ihana tuo asu :)

    muuten, blogissani on käynnissä arvonta! käyhän kurkkaamassa ja osallistu halutessasi myös itse mukaan :-)

  2. Kiitti! :) Ja käynki heti kattoos! ;)