Estradeur mai dress-where to find it

My oufit on monday. Simple but feminine. I added a bit colour into this look, with a burgundy coloured lipstick.

Knitted skirt: ginatricot
belt: friis&company
ring: Accesorize
blouse: my moms old

My oufit on tuesday. I wore again the same knitted skirt, it's warm and pretty, I really like it. And to be honest I've had a horrible week with clothing..Every day on this week I've had clothing crises, my head has been just empty..I haven't had any ideas on what to wear. So my saviour is shirt with knit! ..

cardigan: Review (from Germany)
rings from the left: Lindex, ginatricot
belt: H&M

Yesterday I missed a bit of my dance practises, because I had this exploring thing for high school, which I think I've decided now to try to get in. The high school though has a suitability test so, I'll try to get there but we'll see..the test includes maths, finnish and most of all english, because it's this international high school thing: IB. I think the school would be perfect for me because I love this magical language, english. All of the teaching and learning is in english there. Only problem is I have to take a bus there, which takes almost an hour! Every morning, every evening..I'm gonna be soo busy, if I make it there.

Otherwise my week has been really boring and I haven't slept at all so I've been REALLY tired. And oh, I found a gorgeous dress for this dancing thing at school I told earlier about. Just when we decide to order it with my mom (from Nelly.com)..it's gone..the last piece of it in my size got sold. God I'm still so frustrated and sad, yep It's a dress but still.
Mission to find this dress starts now! I need it soon, if you guys know where to get this one please comment!!! The dress is called as "Mai dress" by Estradeur.
Oh and I'm interrested of it in small sizes S or XS.

xoxo Meri


  1. olin just surffailemas h&m nettikaupas ja osus silmii http://www.hm.com/fi/product/98069?article=98069-A toi on aika samantapane!! :)

    1. Hei kiitti tosi paljon, toi on aika saman näköne! :)) täytyy nyt viel kattoo! (: