School dance

Hi guys! So here's the oufit I wore yesterday! We had the ''ball'' I've been talking a lot. It was kinda to celebrate Valentine's day! We didn't have at all normal school. We went to school at 6pm so that's a bit different too. :DD Though I left the school like 9.30pm, which is also different..
At school we danced the classic dances, ate fajitas and ice cream and then had a disco. :) It was a lot of fun!!

 This is like my favourite cocktail ring, and the most finest one too. I really love this, though I don't have so many occasions, where to wear it really!

I took the pictures after the ball, so that's why my hair is a bit messy, oops!
My oufit/ look was this classy and elegant, perfect for the occasion!
Heels: Zara
Ring: from Egypt
Hair accessorize: Glitter
Earrings: H&M

Hehe it's meee! :D Okay I guess I'm a bit tired so I should go sleeping now!
 Until tomorrow!
xoxo Meri