Hard feathers

Hi guys! Today I show you my oufit and some really amazing jewelry, that my friend bring me as souvenir-gift from Sweden, where she was on her holiday!
Thank you so much, my dear friend Iida! I'm in lovee with the jewelry you got for me!! So thank you, thank you and thank you! :DD

 The feather bracelet she got for me. :)) It's from BIK BOK
 I got also this ring!! from BIK BOK too! :)  I wore the new stuff right away! ;DD

Shirt: H&M
Blazer: My moms old
Jeans: Only
Shoes: Seppälä (These are my ''wellies'', I finally had a chance to wear them for the first time, though I bought these a while ago from the sales..)
Bracelet and another ring: BIK BOK
antoher ring: ginatricot
Cross ear cuff: Glitter

Lots of love to you guys!! xoxo Meri