It's really time to blogg again!

Here are some pictures of my oufit on tuesday! I know a lot of time has passed since..
Well, I had a test in school today and lots of dance practises this week so I was busy, but here I'm again! :)
And ah I'm so happy to write for you lovelies! ;))
..So this oufit was a really basic one, another ''school girl'' look! Something that's really my style.

Shorts: Zara
Belt: H&M
Tights: ginatricot
Sweater: It's a couple of years old, I don't really remember where I got it!

My oufit on wednesday! It has been SO freaking freezing here! Something like -20C for a couple of days now, so that's why I'm wearing really warm clothes! Well that's obvious. :D You guys should really see me when I leave my home for school, I look like a penguin, I have so much clothing on! :D

This oufit got a nice twist with purple jeans! And I really love this sweater I've made myself, it's so warm, soft, pretty and just lovely in every way! ;))

Sweater: I've made it myself!
Necklace: Azzessorize
Jeans: Pieces
Earrings: H&M

 Purple lips! :)
 Lots of kisses, xoxo Meri

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