My favourite snack

Hi guys!
I'm still sick and I'm really not feeling good at all. I probably have influenza..(Though I don't want to complain more!)
But anyway, I thought I'll share this receipt with you guys!
It's super easy, healthy and yummy! It's perfect for breakfast, snack or even for a bit more important occasion!!
This is personally my favourite thing ever to eat, I always keep telling my friends how good it is! :D

Blueberry & oat delicacy 
(for one person or, if used as a desert then for 3to 4 persons)

                                                                 YOU'LL NEED;
                                                                 1dl rolled oats
 (and to fry your oats, a cast iron pan and a wooden cooking paddle or fork)

1 table spoon of honey
(that's the only sugar we're going to add!! AND honey is actually healty!)

You can decide how much blueberries you'll like to use yourself!
(If doing this for desert use less, and use more on breakfast!)

Somthing like 1,5dl of natural yoghourt
(My mom actually makes this herself, so it has no sugar!)

 2.Mix honey into your oats!
 3. Add yoghourt and blueberries! Ready to serve/eat!!!

This is a snack version, if you're using this as desert, use more glamorous bowl or glass! Mix the honey and oats in another bowl, than used with serving! But the yoghourt on the bottom, then the oats and blueberries on top. (Blueberries are best when fresh, but on winter time, these frozen ones will do!
This looks really simple, and it is, but YOU MUST TRY IT! It's really sooo good! :))

Enjoy! xoxo Meri


  1. yumie!! it look delicious! :)

    1. Thanks Gaby! You must though try it!! <3 (If you have blueberries there in Mexico? :D)