Snow Castle 2012

Yesterday while driving back home we paused into this city called Kemi (In Finland of course! :D) because we went to see this Snow Castle, which is made there every year!(And each year it's styled differently!) So it's truly made of snow and ice, nothing else! It was pretty amazing..
And actually it's not just attraction, it's also a hotel! There are rooms inside the castle, in which you can stay! There are these beds with fur and you also get an sleeping bag for the night! Temperature in the rooms is through the whole winter -5C. Sounds pretty crazy, but one day I wanna sleep there! Haha I guess I'm crazy!

This was my breakfast today...mmm..it was yummy! Today I had a nice chill day, me and my mom went to my grandmas house, so that I could do a bit of this schools hand crafts project. On the evening we watched at home this great movie; Easy A!

Lots of kisses, xoxo Meri

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