Somedays you wanna believe in miracles

Hi all my lovely readers! :)) Today I've spent my day cleaning at home and reading a book, though I couldn't consencrate, my phone and facebook were controlling me the whole time! Arg! So tomorrow I'm gonna read like; all day all night! Seriously, I gotta get it read!

Oh by the way I'm drooling for everything in Zara this coming spring season! I made a collage of the stuff I really liked! Okay I'm not gonna buy all of those, I don't even want to. :D But there's couple of items I really want! ..(the beige maxi skirt, mint coloured shirt, all of the shirts with peter pan collar and the white blouse with golden collar!)

So yeah my oufit today! I didn't even wear make-up, I tried to consencrate on reading the book, well..So all natural! (Actually I used again a lot of photoshop as you can see, my skin is truly in very bad condition at the moment so I removed all of my zits :sss)

Lots of love to you guys! xoxo Meri

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