Smells like spring

Hi guys! Today my holiday ended and I went normally to school. (not) Today I actually went to explore the school, which I'm trying to get in. It was a different school day, a nice one! ;)
Here are some pics I took of my oufit, which was way too simple and boring..well it was quite simple indeed, but I really like this blue nailpolish, it matches with my tights! ;))

Have a nice week! xoxo Meri
ps. The sun is starting to shine brighter and warmer!! I love the fact that spring is coming!


  1. Anonymous29/2/12 05:34

    Wow, looking great!
    You're a sweet, pretty girl, Meri:)

    I just would love to see you smiling in the pictures a little more, could you do that for me?:) <3

    1. wow, thanks! :))
      And I'll try my best.. It's just that I don't like my smile or I don't know how to smile? I don't actually know, I haven't ever noticed really! :DD But I'll try to smile more, for you! ;)