Brownie in my leather skirt

Hi guys, I'm here again! There hasn't happened much in my life, just school and dancing! I hope you guys are enjoying your week!

Top: ginatricot
Necklace: H&M
Blazer: my moms old
Ring: ginatricot
Earrings: Azzessorize
Skirt: H&M
Over knee socks: Bianco

My oufit on monday! I like the colours in it, brown, beige, and ''natural'' white, which are actually my favourite colours! :)
 And those are also the safe colours, I know! :D
 I hadn't actually worn this skirt in a while, because it has been so cold lately. (Though now it's getting  warmer.) And it's kinda weird but has any of you guys noticed that leather (well faux leather atleast) gets strechy or how could I say it..,gets more loose when you wear it! It's super annoying. This skirt used to be really tight, but now it is falling off actually! Does anyone know what to do!? I'm helpless!

By the way I used selftimer to take these pics, and I really am the worst!
Lots of kisses, xoxo Meri

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