I'm gonna get ya', get ya', get ya', one way or another

Hi guys! I've spent my saturday cleaning at home, hanging at my friends house and now finally packing! Early tomorrow/ or exactly today :sss, I'm going to Lapland (into northern Finland) we're going there cause it's holiday and also to clean my dead grandpas home so it'll be finally ready to sell. I'm though exited to go, skiing and maybe to do slalom skiing AND hopefully I'll learn how to do SNOW BOARDING!! I hope I'll have time to blog there too and most of all I'm not sure if I have any oufit posts coming up, because I will probably wear like hoodies all the time there! Cause all I'm going to do is sports and relaxing!
And sorry for the ''bad'' quality in these pictures of my oufit on friday&saturday; I kinda have broken my camera so I had to use this old one..

I seriously ''shop my moms closet''!! Though I love this cardigan, so pretty and warm!!
Quite relaxed look, but the hat put's it a couple of notch up! I'm in love with this hat, it's a saviour for a bad hair day! -Bohemian chick! What do you think? :))

Cardigan: my moms
T-shirt: H&M
Leggins: Lindex
Hat: KappAhl
Bag: KappAhl
Ring: ginatricot
Boots: O.I.S

Have a great weekend and holiday! (If you're having holiday?)
xoxo Meri


  1. Love the hat, visit my blog, kisses, RA


    1. Thanks, I love it too! :)) And I will check your blog right away!!

  2. wow! How many snow! I love your hat :)

    1. Thanks Gaby, kisses back! Ps. This is not actually much snow in Finland XDD