I'll put on a fake smile

Hi guys!  Today I'll try to post  couple of oufits I wore earlier this week! (Though I should also study some english, cause I have test tomorrow and dance practise today on the evening! Though I'm practising english right now, right? :D) Well anyways this is what I wore 14.2, on Valentines's day!

Fishtail braid my friend made me! :)
 Some details! This bracelet I actually got from my friend as Valentine's day gift and I put it right on!

My Valentine's day oufit was so simple, I guess I'm having one of these weeks you just have no idea on what to wear! And my morning was quite busy..
Though because it was Valentine's day I wanted to wear something for the occasion; note my heart tights! I love em'! :)) I think the bracelet also gave a nice pop of pink.

Top: Spirit store
Blazer: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Tights: ginatricot
Bracelet: H&M

With kisses
xoxo Meri

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